101: Making Cocaine with Pablo Escobar's Top Scientist, Job Interviews at the Full Moon Party, and Building Work-Travel Communities with Travis King


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Travis King talks about background growing up in the Wisconsin suburbs and shares how he developed his social and political consciousness, his desire to travel, and then, after getting his Master’s degree, why he embarked on a 4-year solo-travel adventure that would change his entire life. He takes us around the world on his travel journey, starting with a wild adventure in Colombia where he wound up making cocaine with one of Pablo Escobar’s top scientists. He then takes us through his experience in Australia where he ended up in immigration prison before being deported in what was simultaneously one of his scariest and emotionally moving travel experiences of his life. Travis then talks about the importance of music in his life and why he either organizes or participates in open mic nights around the world. He then plays a special acoustic hip hop mash-up live on The Maverick Show. Next, he talks about landing a job with Remote Year as a Program Leader and tells the story of having his in-person interview on the island of Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand, during the legendary full moon party. He then reflects on his Remote Year experience leading 70 adults around the world and building a meaningful work-travel community. He also talks about his subsequent role as the Director of Community Development and shares some of his tips and techniques for meaningful community building, group bonding and cohesion. He then talks about why and how he prioritizes physical fitness while traveling. And finally he talks about why he wrote the memoir now, what the title means, and what 4 organizations will receive part of the proceeds from the book. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT: www.TheMaverickShow.com

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