103: Matt Bowles Interviewed on How to Analyze and Invest in Turnkey Rental Properties


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On this episode Ben Lakoff interviews Matt Bowles on the Alternative Asset Allocation podcast. Ben draws out Matt’s expertise on how to understand the unique dynamics of residential investment property as an asset class. Matt explains the multi-dimensional nature of the asset class and how rental properties have 5 profit centers, compared to most other asset classes that have only one. They talk about the biggest risks associated with rental property investing and how Matt’s company, Maverick Investor Group, helps their clients leapfrog over many of the up-front risks by buying turnkey rental properties that come new or fully-renovated with tenants and local property management already in place. Matt talks about how residential investment property is the most debt favored asset class, the most tax-advantaged asset class, and one of the only investments that enables you to profit from inflation. He also explains the importance of owning hard assets, with intrinsic value, that you control. Matt also gives tips about how to choose investor-advantaged markets, make your money when you buy so you don’t have to speculate, and choose recession resilient areas for owning your rental properties. He also goes into the COVID-19 era trends and shares strategies for real estate investing during the pandemic. FULL SHOW NOTES at www.TheMaverickShow.com

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