104: Ashley Renne on Eco-Friendly World Travel, Plant-Based Nutrition and Why the Key to a Happy Marriage is…Deez Nuts!


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Ashley Renne talks about growing up in Atlanta with parents from Jamaica and India. She explains how a study abroad trip to Egypt changed her life and was the catalyst that inspired her to travel the world. Ashley talks about traveling to India 3 times and re-connecting with her Indian heritage. She also talks about the differences between traveling with white men vs. women of color, and traveling to create content vs. traveling to immerse in the culture. Ashley then shares her journey to environmental sustainability and veganism. She also offers tips on eco-friendly travel as well as humanistic travel ethics for supporting local communities. She shares specific resources for identifying eco-friendly hotels, supporting local tour operators, and packing more sustainably and reducing waste. She then tells the story of how she flew on the most eco-friendly flight in aviation history. Next, Ashely talks about her entrepreneurial transition from a corporate 9-5 job to traveling the world as a location independent entrepreneur. She shares the biggest leverage points that she used to monetize her blog to over 6-figures in revenue. Ashley then talks about how she works and travels together with her husband Karl and why the secret to a happy marriage is…Deez Nuts! Ashley then explains the value in developing a whole-foods plant-based vegan diet. She explains how she is using plant-based nutrition during her pregnancy and gives tips to parents for raising healthy vegan kids. She concludes by naming her 3 favorite travel destinations as well as her top 5 hip hop MCs of all time. FULL SHOW NOTES AT www.MaverickInvestorGroup.com

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