105: Building 7-Figure Businesses on 2 Continents and Prioritizing Mindfulness, Alignment, and “Freedom To” with Nate Ginsburg


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Nate Ginsburg shares his 10-year travel journey to 50 countries and his entrepreneurial journey to building multiple 7-figure businesses on 2 continents. He starts off by sharing the story of his photo-shoot doing handstands in the middle of the streets of New York City. He then talks about his initial travel inspiration and how his nomad journey began. Nate shares the time when he met his first digital nomad and how his whole perspective on life changed. Then he shares his first 3 failures on consecutive attempts to generate location independent income and how he pushed through, mentally and emotionally, until he finally broke through in the ecommerce space. Nate talks about how be built and scaled his Amazon FBA business, brought on a business partner, and sold his company for nearly $1 Million. Nate then talks about the importance of mindfulness and going through a period of introspection to identify his path to real alignment and fulfillment, designing his ideal lifestyle and developing “Freedom To”, not just “Freedom From”. He talks about launching SellerPlex to support other entrepreneurs both financially and tactically as well as with big picture strategy around meaning, purpose and value. Nate then shares his personal day structure and productivity techniques and then gives tips on how to understand and mitigate stress as an entrepreneur. FULL SHOW NOTES AVIALABLE AT: www.TheMaverickShow.com

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