93: Long-Term World Travel with Kids and Building the “Wandering Moms” Community with Libryia Jones


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LibryaJones shares her experience traveling to Ghana with her daughter in 2019 for “The Year of Return” and discusses her (and her daughter’s) reflections on Ghanaian culture, learning the history of the West African slave trade, and the feeling of being in a Black-majority country. Libryia then opens up about her upbringing in Tallahassee, Florida, dreaming of world travel as a kid, and saving up for her first international trip at age 25. She then talks about traveling to 40 countries, co-founding Wandering Moms, and organizing a 12-month trip around the world with her daughter and other families. Libryia talks about the value of world travel for kids, the unparalleled educational opportunities that travel provides, and the adaptability of kids to an itinerant travel lifestyle. She emphasizes that kids can be a catalyst to travel, not an excuse to avoid travel, and that you should never let other people dictate the terms of your life. She discusses travel as a parenting strategy, and the opportunities for alternative education through travel. She then talks about the moms-only trips that she organizes, and discusses the importance of female-only travel spaces. Libryia then talks about the importance of cultivating Black travel spaces, and share her perspective as a Black traveler on ‘safety’, ‘comfort’, and ‘belonging’ abroad vs. in the U.S. Libryia then shares her top 3 favorite travel destinations and names her Top 5 hip hop artists of all time. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT: www.TheMaverickShow.com

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