94: Bootstrapping a Digital Agency to Nearly 100 Staff in 3 Years and Choosing to Live in a New Location Every Week with Zach Boyette


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Zach Boyette tells his story growing up in Tennessee, teaching himself to code, working for Google, finding his first location independent job and embarking on a life as a full time itinerant nomad. He shares his travel experiences, favorite destinations, and why he chooses to move locations every week. Zach also talks about his passion for minimalist packing and his top tips on traveling the world with carry-on luggage only. Zach then shares his tips on balancing work with lifestyle design as a full-time traveler. He shares some of his most memorable locations where he has had to take business calls around the world, and how he puts work first while having epic travel adventures. Zach then talks about co-founding his growth marketing agency, Galactic Fed. He shares the suite of services offered to businesses by Galactic Fed, and explains the biggest mistakes most companies are making with paid media and SEO today. He then explains how Galactic Fed has differentiated itself from other digital agencies, and describes his ideal client. Zach then takes us inside his company and shares how he and his co-founder bootstrapped Galactic Fed to nearly 100 staff people in less than 3 years. He gives his tips on hiring, cash-flow management, and building company culture in a fully remote company during rapid growth. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT: www.TheMaverickShow.com

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