95: Building Empowered, Female-Centering Digital Nomad Communities with Brittnee Bond


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Brittnee Bond shares her experiences growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness and opens up about her decision to eventually divorce her husband, leave the Church, travel the world and create her ideal community that is welcoming, inclusive and accepting. She shares her path to becoming a digital nomad, first by helping her law firm become paperless and negotiating a remote work location, and then becoming an entrepreneur and starting location independent business. She shares her journey from developing work-travel programs for nomads to organizing events at co-working spaces across Asia. Brittnee also opens up about her experience navigating patriarchal and masculinity dynamics in the travel and nomad spaces, and explains her passion for creating female-centering communities where women can thrive. She details the evolution of her “Women’s Circle Mastermind”, how she structured it, and how it has rapidly expanded. She also shares the origins of her business “Remote Collective” where she consults for people and businesses that are transitioning to remote work, and explains how demand has significantly increased since COVID-19. Brittnee then talks about travel ethics for digital nomads, ways to meaningfully connect with the local communities, and how to give back on terms that are empowering to the local community. She also shares her tips for getting into the nomad lifestyle and overcoming the biggest obstacles. She also offers tips for female solo-travelers in particular in terms of overcoming fear and safety concerns as well as how to plug into female-centering nomad communities around the world. And, finally, Brittnee gives her personal tips on managing stress and maintaining emotional health as a nomadic entrepreneur. FULL SHOW NOTES AT www.TheMaverickShow.com

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