97: Building High-Performance, Remote-Capable Teams for Disruptive Businesses with Lavinia Iosub


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Lavinia Iosub takes us on her journey growing up in Romania, becoming a pathfinder, a painter, and starting to travel the world on International exchange programs. She shares how she worked at a bank for 3 years after college before moving to Azerbaijan, being based there for 4 years, having a run-in with the KGB and getting stiffed by the Trump organization. She also shares what she loves about traveling through Georgia, Turkey and especially Iran. She then talks about her move to Bali, teaming up with a business partner, and running Livit International. She explains about how Livit is both a physical co-working and event space as well as a digital hub with an entire virtual eco-system designed to support entrepreneurs and start-up teams. She explains the suite of services offered by Livit and their track record in helping location-independent companies build productive, remote-capable teams and scale. She also shares Livit’s program for training local Indonesians in remote work skills. She then talks about her Project Getaway initiative which arranges in-person retreats for entrepreneurs and teams. She then talks about how she runs Livit, including her business adjustments since COVID-19, and she emphasizes the importance of anti-fragility, intrapreneurship, role-versatility, upskilling, decentralized management and holacracy. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT: www.TheMaverickShow.com

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