98: Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington on Building Companies to $100 Million, Thriving During a Crisis, and Winning a Wrestling Tournament on Richard Branson’s Private Island


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Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington shares the story of attending a Halloween party on Richard Branson’s private island and winding up in a wrestling tournament on the beach at 1am. He then talks about how traveling the world helped him grow one of his businesses from $50 Million to $500 Million, and he shares some of his experiences doing business in over 100 countries. He then gives his opinion on the future of remote work, why he believes a location independent infrastructure is so valuable, and why he has transitioned so much of his business towards a virtual model. Kevin then talks about his business mindset and approach the COVID-19 crisis, and he shares tips for how entrepreneurs can not only survive but thrive and grow during this time. Kevin then talks about his new book “Mentor to Millions” and shares his personal experience being mentored by Richard Branson and Zig Ziglar, as well as his experience mentoring others. He then explains his personal productivity practices as well as how he maintains a healthy work-life balance, and how he has decided to permanently change his lifestyle since COVID. Kevin then shares the #1 person with whom he would most like to have dinner, his top 3 favorite travel destinations, and his top 3 bucket-list destinations. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT www.TheMaverickShow.com

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