The TikTok Attorney w/ Ugo Lord


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Today on the podcast Jim and Tyson sat down with Ugo Lord. Ugo, “The Interpretive Attorney”, is a nationally recognized legal expert, international keynote speaker, and business coach. As seen recently on Fox 11 News, Prof. Lord helps translate legal jargon into simple advice for everyday life. As host of The Ugo Lord Show, his motivational speeches have been viewed by over 6 million viewers helping others achieve their greatest potential.

Ugo Lord became a Trial By Peers counselor representing juveniles charged with misdemeanor offenses. Without losing a single case, he went on to teach future peer counselors ultimately winning him the award for most favored peer counselor instructor.

Armed with his legal knowledge, Ugo Lord created and currently owns Derek Lord LLC which owns and operates entities such as Every Day Black FridayTM and Lord ProductionsTM. Additionally, Ugo was named partner of the law firm Red Sapphire, P.C. His business success inspired him to create a network to allow young adults to connect, learn, and grow with each other. He later created a show based on that network called The Ugo Lord Show.


1:20 the TikTok attorney

2:40 business law

4:00 providing information

10:25 TikTok secret

15:09 pushback

20:35 creating content on an iphone

23:16 coming up with content ideas

Jim’s Hack: If you want to learn how to work a new app or platform, first download and just watch what other people are doing for a while to get to know how users behave on the platform.

Ugos Tip: Adapt with the times, by consuming information the same way your future clients are consuming information.

Tyson’s Tip: Tyson has moved his employee onboarding into a LMS like Mighty Networks and highly recommends looking into it.

Watch the interview here.

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