Biden's Domestic Agenda, Biden's Foreign Policy, GOP Strategy, Trump's Future


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The McLaughlin Group -- November 27, 2020

guest panelist this week is Kelsey Bolar, senior policy analyst at Independent Women's Forum

Issue one: Biden at Home

Joe Biden has a long wish list of programs and policies he intends to enact during his White House tenure. But with republicans looking likely to retain control of the Senate, how much of what Biden wants will he really be able to do? And how will Biden balance his agenda with that of the Democratic Party left?

Issue two: Biden Abroad

The President-Elect says he's determined to strengthen America's alliances and engage the world on shared challenges. But facing a rising China and nuclear proliferation challenges from Iran and North Korea, some wonder whether Biden's presidency will be shaped by events rather than shape them.

Issue three: GOP Strategy

Republicans are optimistic they will hold control of the Senate after two Georgia Senate runoff races are concluded. But how will Republicans approach their dealings with President Biden? Will resistance be the rule?

Issue four: Trump's Future

As he leaves office, President Trump is considering what comes next. The president seems set to maintain a regular presence on social media. But beyond Twitter, what plans are in hand?

Plus: predictions!




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