How Jamie Giovinazzo Turned Eat Clean Bro Into a Multi Million Dollar Meal Prep Success - The MCM Podcast #32


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In this week's episode, the founder of popular NJ meal prep company Eat Clean Bro, Jamie Giovinazzo, comes on to talk about how he turned his $300 dream into a multimillion dollar success. We also talk about how the American dream is still alive today and what it takes to be successful in 2021.
We also talk a bit about crypto, especially meme currencies like Dogecoin and how addicting/crazy the returns can be. Alongside his wife, Kayla, the duo has been able to fend off all other competitors and make a huge name for themselves in the meal prep business.
Jamie is such an inspiration to many young men and women in New Jersey. Be sure to check out this episode if you yourself are an entrepreneur or would just like some motivation to someday start that business or brand that you have been putting off for years.
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