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2020 is finally (almost) over, so once again, for our 5th straight year, we have compiled some of our favorite scenes from the year into TWO best of episodes! This is the first Best of 2020 SLABTACULAR QUARANTINI EXTRAVAGANZA Part 1. We had a lot of great guests this years, tons of awesome stories and a bunch of great scenes. Let us know if we missed any of your favorites on Twitter @TheMEATImprov

Here are the scenes & people included in this episode -

"Apples & Oranges" - Cathryn Mudon & Rekha Shankar (Episode 213)

"The Long Game" - Zac Oyama & Phoebe Neidhardt (Episode 203)

"Dick Donor" - Lyndsey Frank, Mike Leffingwell & Kayla McLaughlin (Episode 199)

"Da Iron Club" - Lizz Adams, Aman Adumer (Episode 225)

"Moving Too Fast" - Pallavi Gunalan & Dhruv Uday Singh (Episode 233)

"Florida is Hell" - Laura Chinn & Alex Fernie (Episode 239)

"Virgin Dad" - Jon Mackey & Mary Sasson (Episode 227)

"Personalized Pitch" - Greg Gallant & Carl Tart (Episode 241)

"The Neighbor's Music" - Kale Hills & Kerry McGuire (Episode 223)

"Flirty Flight Attendant" - Allie Jennings & Matt Jones (Episode 243)

"Furry Dress Code" - Anna Garcia & Marshall Givens (Episode 235)

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