Ep. 257: The Burrito Buck


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Steven Rinella talks with Brandon Butler, Matt Desrosiers, Chase Millemann, Duke Wasteney, Seth Morris, Ryan Callaghan, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: When an arsonist is caught on trail cam; Steve trying to take credit for Luke Comb's "Better Together"; creating a big foot hunting season; the "build not bought" movement; catching whoever poached a nanny mountain goat with a crossbow; when neighbors suspect you're BBQ-ing a neighborhood dog; makeshift-grills; Cal's sister birthing Cal's niece; the #landback movement; crossing international borders with shooting irons; lard; high highs and low lows; seeing the grip and grin fade; Seth’s first coues deer; how dang dry it was; Steve's suggestion that folks watch the "Five Came Back"; and more.

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