Ep. 259: The Squirrel Doctor Is In


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Steven Rinella talks with Dr. John Koprowski, Spencer Neuharth, Clay Newcomb, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: Having a Phd in all things squirrels; what a squirrel has for a penis; when squirrel semen hardens into a waxy plug to prevent other squirrels from breeding; 45 male squirrels chase a single female for six hours; what the hell is a drey?; settling the score on testicle biting; how color phasing works; hitting the ground from 70 feet and shaking off the daze; freakish ways to die; how squirrel incisors never stop growing; eating your own young; being anal about managing your mushrooms; barking at anthing and everything, but especially each other; the stick trick; and more.

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