#351 – Leigh Drogen, Starkiller Capital - If This Thing Isn’t Dead Yet, It’s Not Going To Die


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In episode 351, we welcome our guest, Leigh Drogen, General Partner of Starkiller Capital, an institutional investment firm employing both quantitative and fundamental strategies to blockchain based digital assets.

In today’s episode, we start with a brief overview of the asset management space and what Leigh learned from running Estimize, the largest estimates financial platform in the world. Then we turn to crypto. We hear what sparked Leigh’s interest in the space and the process of building a trend and momentum model that led him to push his chips all in last October.

We talk about the importance of crypto’s incentive structure, what things like staking and crypto lending mean, and what some of the biggest risks are in the space.

Please enjoy this episode with Starkiller Capital’s Leigh Drogen.


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