8. Medicine: a path of empowerment and advocacy with Grace Zhang


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In this week’s episode, we present our amazing colleague Grace Zhang. Grace’s entire journey is littered with illustrations of advocacy. She identifies key moments in her life where a particular encounter or sets of them, I should say, enjoined her to be a factor in the solutions to problems afflicting her community. Her leadership skills are apparent. While in High school, Grace began a free street store in Indiana for homeless people to “shop with dignity,” she asserted. Furthermore, she became a bridge for many people to the healthcare system as a mandarin interpreter at a clinic frequented by Asian immigrants in the Cleveland area. For this and more, tune in and join this episode!

In This Week’s Podcast, We’ll Explore

  • Tips on becoming an astute writer
  • Issues pertaining to tackling her identity
  • How to Start an organization in high school
  • Becoming a successful pre med albeit beginning college with uncertainty to pursue medicine
  • Thoughts on providing culturally competent medical care
  • How to get involved in healthcare as a translator
  • How to approach the application cycle

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