Free Speech Pushback, the Gift of Fear, and Dangers of Fame, with Gavin de Becker | Ep. 348


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Megyn Kelly is joined by security expert Gavin de Becker, author of "The Gift of Fear," to talk about the dangers of fame and the "marketing of human beings," the erosion of trust in the media because the press won't hold power to account, Fauci and Pfizer, predicting human behavior and school shooters through "pre-incident indicators," the outrageous police inaction in Uvalde, the danger of protests at public figures' homes, how to stop sociopaths from committing crimes, how the media needs to stop naming school shooters, the pushback against free speech in our culture, Big Pharma's power in our society, the difference between true and unwarranted fear, turmoil in his childhood and how early trauma can help and hurt your future, and more.

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