#064 - Siim Land: Stronger By Stress, Stoicism, Infrared Saunas, Antioxidants, EMF, Polyphasic Sleep, NAD+, And More!


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6:00 - Siim's History

7:45 - Is All Stress Bad?: What Is The Stress Response And Types Of Stress

11:00 - Heat Shock Vs. Cold Shock Proteins, And The Role Of Autophagy

13:20 - Infrared Vs Traditional Sauna

15:15 - Adaptation Energy

18:30 - Mental Vs. Physical Stress: Reframing Anxiety And Stress Perception

22:15 - Toxicity, Models For Evaluating Stress, Hormesis From Plants, Caffeine, And Alcohol

29:45 - The Benefits Of Free Radicals And Antioxidants From Food Vs Supplements

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27:50 - EMF - Should We Be Scared Of EMF?

39:00 - NAD+ And NADH

40:45 - NAD+ And Covid, NR And NMN

44:15 - Hacking Sleep, Polyphasic Sleep

48:20 - Stoicism, The Hedonic Set Point, And Attachments

51:20 - The Problems With Minimalism As An Identity

53:50 - Reframing 2020

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58:50 - Practically Implementing These Practices

1:01:10 - Social Media Blocks

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