A White Horse


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Notes and Reading:
* Most of the specific history of the White Horse was learned from “Sanctuary: the Inside Story of the Nation’s Second Oldest Gay Bar” by David Olson, reprinted in its entirety on the White Horse’s website.
* “Gayola: Police Professionalization and the Politics of San Francisco’s Gay Bars, 1950-1968,” by Christopher Agee.
* June Thomas’ series on the past, present, and future of the gay bar from Slate a few years back.
* Various articles written on the occasion of the White Horse’s 80th anniversary, including this one from SFGATE.Com
* Michael Bronski’s A Queer History of the United States.
* Radically Gay, a collection of Harry Hay’s writing.
* Incidentally, I watched this interview with Harry Hay from 1996 about gay life in SF in the 30’s multiple times because it’s amazing.

* We start with Water in Your Hands by Tommy Guerrero.
* Hit Anne Muller’s Walzer fur Robert a couple of times.
* Gaussian Curve does Talk to the Church.
* We get a loop of Updraught from Zoe Keating.
* We finish on Transient Life in Twilight by James Blackshaw

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