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For the final episode of Season 4, I am joined by Dr Ginni Mansberg, a sought-after speaker and regular host and medical expert on Australian TV. A forerunner of the Menopause conversation in Australia, she is the author of today’s book choice, The M Word: How to Thrive in the Menopause which offers sound advice for women going through Menopause, as well as a way to excel in this new stage of life.

Ginni has been a GP for over 30 years and she is passionate about the importance of giving women what they need to help take agency of their Menopause, especially when it comes to vagina’s, bladders and their sex lives.

Join us for a straight-talking conversation about the importance of recognising and seeking help for any symptoms related to Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM) which affects the function of the bladder, vagina, rectum and uterus and the knock-on effects to sexual pleasure and desire.

  • The importance of not delaying treatment If you notice any changes to your vagina and vulva that are you causing you pain, discomfort or distress, it will only get worse, not better.
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) and Menopause - If you have just 3 UTI’S in a calendar year, that is classed as re-current and you need to look at preventative treatment.
  • Sex and incontinence - Do you wee when you have an orgasm or at the point of penetration? You are very much not alone, do not let it become a block to having a healthy sex life, it can be easily treated.
  • Constipation - do not ignore it.
  • The need to insist on a Dr who will listen to you and examine you so you can get your health needs met.
  • There is no magic supplement or medication. We know that Lifestyle advice is the best advice, we know it works, why don’t we advocate it more?
  • Hypo Sexual Desire Disorder - do you fulfil the criteria? Inability to orgasm? Lost interest in masturbation and sex? Hormonal Testosterone treatment could be the key.
  • Australia may be behind us in the UK with the Menopause conversation and Menopause awareness, but they are way ahead with their compounded Testosterone therapy. Currently the only country in the world that has a compounded and licensed testosterone formulation specifically for women.
  • The complexity of women's sexuality. Testosterone therapy isn’t a panacea, it won’t fix a broken relationship or make a poor relationship better. BUT for many women, it can be life-changing for their relationships and self-esteem.
  • Why it's important that FIRST we fix any symptoms of Vaginal GSM and then we work on fixing our libido.

Ginni’s book choice

Freedom at Midnight by Larry Collins

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