Episode 118: Corr Mona. Paul & Stephen Quinn, Rob & Martin Farrow are brothers that form the uniquely brilliant Corr Mona. They have a new album to promote "Abhainn" which is Gaelic for "River" and it is incredible!


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It was a pleasure to talk to the Quinn and Farrow brothers that form the uniquely brilliant Corr Mona. The band was formed in 2009 and sing as Gaeilge. Despite the fact that both Martin and Robert Farrow are now living in Canada, they have still managed to release their brilliant new album called "Abhainn" which is Gaelic for "river". Each of the tracks has been given the title of a river in Ireland and the musical course of the album also follows that of a river. From the initial trickling spring, to the river growing in speed and weight as the body of water grows, to the final torrent that flows to the sea in peace. There is plenty of black, death and doom metal feeding into beautiful Irish melodies and time signatures to create an album that is both majestic and compelling. I hope you enjoy the interview and please subscribe to the show if you enjoyed it. Thanks Richie.
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