Episode 121: Solo artists Pt.2: Ren Marabou, Jack Penders of Rotlaust & John Murphy of For Ruin discuss going solo and the creative process they use to release their music.


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I was delighted to welcome Ren Marabou, Jack Penders of Rotlaust & John Murphy of For Ruin to the show. These talented musicians have all released brilliant solo albums/eps this year and it was fascinating to hear about their creative processes during a pandemic that effectively wiped out live music for the last year. Ren has released Valhalla Waits, Jack under the guise of Rotlaust released Covenant and John released For Ruins new e.p Relapse. All of their music is different but they all share common trait of being passionate about their Metal, take a really professional approach to their music and are proud to fly the flag for Irish Metal. Here are the links to their music and thanks for listening to the show. Richie.
Tracks featured:
The Surface (c) Rotlaust. 2021 all rights reserved.
The Wanderer (c) Ren Marabou. 2021 all rights reserved.
In Vain (c) For Ruin. 2021 all rights reserved.

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