#435: Devil Master's Darkest Prince


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This week, Darkest Prince of All Rebellion from Philly’s Devil Master is our guest! We discuss him losing band members during the pandemic, regrouping to create the band’s new album Ecstasies of Never Ending Night, the difficult transition of balancing “adventure time” to “business time” on tour, landing stadium gigs opening for My Chemical Romance, and Gerard Way buying all their merch at an L.A. performance. We also discuss whether or not the band’s setlist will cater to the MCR crowd, recording the new album on analog tape, and the book that he gives to people as a challenge to complete.

Meanwhile, former MetalSucks podcast hosts Chuck and Godless return to the show! They join Petar to discuss Trevor Strand of The Black Dahlia Murder teasing a Couples Video on his lady’s OnlyFans, Dino Cazares withholding who the new singer for Fear Factory is until 2023, and our take on Emperor Rhombus opinion piece on “Gatekeepers” and “Elitists” in our genre.

Song: Devil Master “The Vigour of Evil”

Song: Devil Master “Acid Black Mass”

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