The Mid-South Bugalu Podcast Episode 1: Introducing Alexander Parker and Purpose of the Podcast


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This is the first episode of The Mid-South Bugalu Podcast. I introduce myself and what my plans are for the podcast. I made this podcast because I felt like there needed to be a space for African-Americans and Latinos to communicate, express, educate, and share ideas; something that these two massively dynamic and influential groups have done many times historically in the United States with Latin-Boogaloo ( a 1960s New York genre of music) being a prime example of their collaboration.
I'm very excited to bring this idea to life! This past year has been rough for many of us so hopefully, this will start the new year with something positive and unique.
I plan to have a variety of guests on for interviews and want to help businesses in Memphis and the Mid-South area.
Intro music by Melvin Lindsay.

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