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One of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, skills in the world, is Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I’d personally describe NLP as the use of words and phrases designed to intentionally manipulate the human subconscious.

Your thoughts and expectations determine your physical reality, and your thoughts and expectations are largely a result of the input you receive from the world around you.

If you are told that a person is good or bad from multiple other people or sources you trust, your brain is designed to accept that belief as true.

This is one of the many ways your brain attempts to conserve calories and energy. If it didn’t accept the general consensus, your only other option would be to verify what you’re being told yourself, which could take days, months, or even years to do.

It would be terribly inefficient.

This energy-saving mechanism can essentially bypass our conscious minds, and plant thoughts and beliefs directly in our subconscious.

The bad news is that people and companies can intentionally use NLP to literally brainwash you… To control your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, without you even realizing what’s happening.

We have never seen a greater display of this that we have this year during and after the election.

The good news is that NLP is one of the most powerful tools in the world that you can use to manipulate and reprogram your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

If you’ve ever wanted to change your results in life, the very first step you must take, is to think differently.

Well today you’re going to learn how to tap into the power of NLP with Brandon and Deb Yager.

Not only are Bandon and Deb two very good friends of mine here in Austin, but they are Master Certified NLP coaches.

In this fascinating interview, they’re going show you how all of us are actively being manipulated by the media on a daily basis, and they’re also going to teach you how to use NLP to start creating dramatic changes in your life for the better.

At the end of the day, your potential in life… What you can accomplish and who you can become, is determined by the subconscious beliefs and stories that each of us have.

NLP is the key to revealing those stories, and to reprogramming them so that you can become defined by the vision of your future, instead of the stories of your past.

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