Responsible Real Estate Crowdfunding with Adam Kaufman, ArborCrowd


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Sometimes when it comes to real estate investment, caution is a very good thing. Adam Kaufman is a co-founder and the COO of ArborCrowd and is an authority on commercial real estate and crowdfunding. He takes a cautious and methodical approach to real estate crowdfunding. ArborCrowd is part of the Arbor family of companies which includes the Arbor Realty Trust, a publicly traded commercial mortgage real estate investment trust. You can read the review of ArborCrowd on the Millionacres website.

0:00 Introduction to ArborCrowd

1:23 ArborCrowd's reaction to the pandemic

2:50 Adam Kaufman on a methodical approach to investing

3:48 What makes a deal a "no go"?

5:56 The value of skin in the game

7:06 Explaining the sponsor promote to investors

8:36 Real estate crowdfunding's future

10:13 Why sponsors are hesitant about crowdfunding

12:19 The current deal acceleration

13:31 ArborCrowd and the Arbor Group of companies

18:13 The rules around accreditation

20:39 What does transparency mean for ArborCrowd?

22:10 What to do if you don't understand a deal

23:29 The value of sponsor communication

25:15 The impact of climate change on real estate crowdfunding

26:05 Interesting markets and sectors

26:40 Impact of remote work

27:46 Workforce housing trends

28:58 Opportunity zones

30:59 Interest rates and inflation

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