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Do links still impact organic rankings in Google? Read on, I have your answer [CASE STUDY].

Over the last 8 years, our agency has helped clients build 20,000 links for clients

Each of these links was meticulously tracked in a Google Sheets file.

My business partner, David Krevitt, connected our tracking file to SEMrush's API.

This allowed us to connect links we built with keyword movements (+ / -) over a 12 month period.

📈 In other words, we could clearly see how the links we built impacted organic keyword rankings 📈

So what did we find?

In short, our study showed links still have an impact on keyword rankings.

However, there are a number nuances you need to be aware of.

  • What we learned from our study
  • What’s changed in link building
  • How we can succeed going forward

I’m calling this, The State of the SERPS: Link Building edition.

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