Episode 4 - Young Leadership, Hardship, Perseverance, and Balance w/ Jeremiah Emmanuel BEM


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In today’s conversation, we listen to Jeremiah Emmanuel, a young author, activist, and entrepreneur, who took part in his first campaign when he was only 4 and his first organisation when he was only 13. Now working in a variety of fields and sharing his story of growing up in difficult situations and the lessons that it taught him.

Today, we’re discussing balance. One of my favourite words, balance is difficult to create, but in Jeremiah’s experience, a lack of it quickly starts effecting everything else we care about. This is about more than just a work/life balance - it’s about finding your own balance. We also talk about the obstacles leaders face to reaching their potential, taking time to take care of our mind, being down to earth, and more.

See more from Jeremiah on his Instagram, and find his book at www.dreaminginanightmare.com

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