Episode 9 - Dealing with Difficult Conversations in Crisis w/ Andrea Newton ABD


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Trigger warning for suicide and related conversations. If you feel you need extra support after listening to today's episode, please reach out to services near you. You can contact Samaritans on their website.

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In today's episode, we listen to Andrea Newton ABD. We discuss the crisis moments that we can invariably have, what this might look like for a leader, the courage that leaders need to have difficult conversations with others (and with themselves) to overcome these issues, and some techniques for keeping yourself healthy along the way.

Andrea Newton qualified as a suicide intervention tutor. She had previously made a promise to the Universe that if she made it through that living hell, where she had planned to take her own life, that she would use her past to benefit others' futures. She decided to use her 26 years of leadership experience in the corporate world to make a bigger impact and now using that expertise and her own lived experience of suicide ideation, she encourages leaders to have the conversations that matter - either to get the help they need for themselves or to reach out and help those around them.

Find out more about Andrea and her work at www.confidentconversations.co.uk and access the FREE Stress Awareness e-book at www.confidentconversations.co.uk/RUGSAM

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