Mini Meditation From Shoreline: Call of the Lizard


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This week’s mini meditation is a special offering from my meditation app, Shoreline.

In this meditation, The Call of the Lizard, you'll hear the sounds of Kalahari desert in South Africa in the evening. You can hear the winds blowing and the quiet call of the barking gecko. Within this meditation, we reflect on the energy of both the desert and the lizard. The lizard is known for its sensitivity to the subtle; its keen sensory awareness, and its ability to be perfectly still as it takes it all in.

This is one to repeat several times and journal afterwards each time. Notice how lizard energy shows up for you.

Shoreline: Meditate to Nature is available in the US, Canada & Australia on iOS. Additional locations and an android version are coming soon.

This custom soundscape was recorded by Gordon Hempton. This and many more unique meditations and soundscapes can be found on the app. You can also explore these meditations on Sunday, June 20 during my Summer Solstice Meditation Celebration.

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