The Words, The Will & The Way {part 1}


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It is May, and with the new month comes a new meditation series!

This series was loosely inspired by Alix E. Harrow’s beautiful novel, The Once & Future Witches.

This book, according to the book review:

Once upon a time, Alix Harrow wrote about three sisters. Also, suffragists, witching, folklore, flawed alliances, an alternate America, and women's work. She gave this second novel many gifts: charm, grace, and gorgeousness; feral wonder, clear vision, an ardent heart. She gave it history, awareness of injustice and will to survive it. And so it went into the world to seek its fortune, inviting readers to settle in; to sigh with the pleasure of finding a not too this, not too that, just right story.

Within this magical novel, she writes of 3 things needed to perform a spell - The Words. The Will. & The Way.

This got me thinking… what is needed to truly feel and discover the magic of meditation?

Not the baseline “I’m watching my thoughts, and there sure are a lot of them.” kind of meditation. Although that has true value, to be sure.

No, I’m talking about the kind of meditation where you feel yourself drop into something wholly different than those curious thoughts in your head. A space? A universe? Something with true color, texture, feeling, maybe words, maybe visions, maybe just truths suddenly known.

This is the type of meditation that has you running towards your meditation cushion each day. And we find it through the words we say, a very peculiar type of will, and a way that has been handed down for generations.

In today’s talk and meditation, we explore the words. What are the words that we say to deepen a meditation practice? It turns out that they aren’t just any words, but a vow and commitment we make to support our highest truth. A Sankalpa.

Ready to try your hand at magic? Let’s meditate.

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