#236 Debating veganism and whole food plant base with Mitch Kahn


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Mitch has been a Master Personal Trainer since 2009 and has worked with hundreds of people in that time. He hold certifications from the National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT), the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the Functional Aging Institute (FAI), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM - Weight Loss Specialist), Functional Movement Systems (FMS), the National Sports Performance Association (NSPA - Program Design Specialist), EXOS Fitness Specialist and Precision Nutrition as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. He also hold a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell. In addition, he has competed in the Senior Olympics in various track and field events and enjoy weight lifting when the gyms are open. His goal is to positively impact the lives of the people that I work with by helping them become the healthiest, happiest, best version of themselves. "I specialize in helping people between the ages of 40-60 look and feel younger by helping them lose weight, get toned, stronger and just feel healthier and happier about themselves." In the episode, we spoke about:

- What is the difference between plant base, vegan and vegetarian?

- How was your individual journey going from being a meat eater to whole food plant base?

- What would you say to the sceptics who say: "Why do you want eat something that looks like meat but isn't meat?"

- Food deserts

and many more... You can learn more about Mitch via his website mitchkahnfitness.com and connect with them on Instagram.

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