How To Transform Your Life With Authentic Networking - Keith Ferrazzi


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‘There is a new philosophy in relationships: Co-elevation’

Your Network is your Net Worth. But, in a new world of social distancing and zoom calls how does one maintain a network? Join us as Vishen interviews the world’s foremost expert on this topic, Keith Ferrazzi, where they talk about networking, maintaining relationships and the power of vulnerability.

Listen out for:
  • Keith’s chutzpah moment that helped him become the youngest Fortune-500 CMO before he turned 30.
  • ‘Co-Elevation’ - The new relationship philosophy that you don’t want to miss.
  • The unexpected dinner party when Keith first met Vishen and the impact it’s had on his life.
  • Why having a Relationship Action Plan could be a game changer for your life.
  • A 15-minute meeting that every leader should have with his team.
  • The 3 Keys of Networking - vulnerability, authenticity and being open to new relationships.
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