Nov 2021 Mix Pt. 3


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Nov 2021 Mix Pt. 3 (Ep 203) Playlist:

  1. One Day by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)
  2. House Is The Religion by Thomas Brown (Hungary)
  3. Most Precious Love by Blaze (USA)/UDAUFL (USA)/Barbara Tucker (USA)
  4. Deep Inside by Sinner & James (Canada)
  5. Fallen by Joel Corry (London) feat. Hayley May
  6. Tasty Shakes by The Funk District (Mexico)
  7. Losing You by David Penn (Spain)
  8. Confused by Qubiko (Italy)
  9. Your Body by Paco Caniza (France)
  10. You Should Already Know by Robert Burian (Slovakia)
  11. Just Move by Stefano Pain (Italy)/Nicola Zucchi (Italy)
  12. Second Choice by Funkatron (Italy)
  13. Take Your Time by Romy Black (Australia)
  14. You Up and Down by FDF (Italy)
  15. Save Our Soul by Bob Sinclar (France)
  16. On A Ride by Ben Rainey (UK)/Quinny (UK) feat. Uch
  17. Wanna Get Down by Dave Rose (NYC)/Block & Crown (The Netherlands)
  18. Pushing Me by Savage Vibe (Switzerland)
  19. Love Game by Jozsef Keller (Hungary)
  20. Make You Say by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)/Paul Parsons (London)

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