#132 Phil Armstrong: Greece, The Euro & Getting The Money Story Right


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Patricia and Christian talk to economist and author Dr Phil Armstrong about his recent paper, which is a response to a Marxist critique of Modern Monetary Theory with reference to the Eurozone and Greece.

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“A modern monetary theory advocate’s response to ‘modern monetary theory on money, sovereignty, and policy: A marxist critique with reference to the Eurozone and Greece’ by Costas Lapavitsas and Nicolás Aguila (2020)” by Phil Armstrong: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/2329194X.2022.2051720

“Time For Informed Change. Post Covid-19 Economics” by Phil Armstrong & Nick Potts: https://gimms.org.uk/2020/08/13/time-for-informed-change-post-covid-19-economics/

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