TMHS 509: The Surprising Science Of Anxiety & Making Good Anxiety Work For You - With Guest Dr. Wendy Suzuki


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Did you know that a staggering 90% of the population struggles with anxiety on some level? For many people, navigating life through a pandemic has been incredibly anxiety-inducing. The truth is: anxiety is a natural coping mechanism that humans have evolved with over time. It’s part of who we are. We’re not going to eradicate the existence of anxiety, so we have to learn to cope with it, change the way we respond to it, and use our anxieties to our advantage.

In her new book, Good Anxiety, world-renowned neuroscientist Dr. Wendy Suzuki outlines powerful yet simple ways we can reframe our anxiety and use it to our benefit. Today you’re going to hear Dr. Suzuki’s insights into transforming your anxiety into your superpower, why anxiety and creativity often coexist, and real tips for shifting into a place of good anxiety.

You’re going to hear how your anxiety can make you more creative, empathetic, and resilient. I hope this episode resonates with you and inspires you to think about stress and anxiety in an empowering light. So listen in, take good notes, and enjoy this episode of The Model Health Show!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What anxiety is, and where it is created in the brain.
  • The percentage of the population had anxiety before the pandemic.
  • How our stress response system evolved over time.
  • Why anxiety is actually a protective mechanism.
  • How different systems in the body respond to stress and anxiety.
  • What our anxiety can tell us about our values.
  • How to turn your anxiety into your superpower.
  • The differences between positive and negative brain plasticity.
  • What it means to turn your what-if list into a to-do list.
  • The power of being immersed in a positive environment.
  • Where resilience stems from.
  • Why there’s no such thing as a negative emotion.
  • How to increase levels of BDNF in your brain.
  • Tips for building your optimism muscle.
  • What it means to cultivate an activist mindset.
  • The link between anxiety and creativity.
  • What joy conditioning is.
  • The direct connection between your olfactory system and your memory.
  • How meditation can bring you into good anxiety.

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