S6E6: Natalie Cartwright on how we don’t need a to DO list we need a to DAY list


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Are you a list person? Anyone who has listened to this podcast for a while will know I’m a little bit obsessed with to do lists and with how to maximise productivity and cram as much as possible into this thing we call life.

On today’s show I’m chatting with Natalie Cartwright and Executive and Wellness Coach who is the founder of the To Day List.

Natalie founded To Day list to help her fellow humans to simplify their day, boost productivity and create a sense of calm amidst the never-ending to-do list. She is on a mission to turn to-do lists into to-day lists.

Her vision is to create a tribe of like-minded people who focus their energy and attention each day to achieve balance and a sense of control.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The To-day List tool and how it can help overhaul your to-do list and get you focused.
  • How to decide what should even go on our to-do list in the first place when we only have a limited number of hours each day
  • What we’re all doing wrong when it comes to our to-do lists
  • And how understanding you personal brand is the key to to-do list success.


You can find out more about Natalie at: www.todaylist.biz and you can sign up to her latest FREE ‘Chaos to Calm Challenge’ starting on 27th September at: www.todaylist.biz/challenges

Or you can find her on the socials FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, LINKED IN, YOU TUBE


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