Post Pandemic Home Buyer Demands | No Mess Tip for Tile Installation | Best Pet-Proof Flooring | Episode #2127


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  • Post pandemic, 65 percent of people house hunting demand one feature more than any other. The pandemic has changed a lot about how we buy things and that includes what we look for in a new home! We share the list of new home buyer demands.
  • If you’ve ever taken on a tiling project, you may know that some of the more inconvenient parts of the project are that it’s messy and takes DAYS because you have to wait for the adhesive to set, before you can grout. We’ll show you a trick of the trade to install tile that’s a lot less messy and far faster.
  • If you’re ready for a new floor and have pets, it’s smart to choose the best pet resistant flooring to stand up to the wear and tear our pets can dish out.

Plus, answers to your home improvement questions.

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