SARB keeps interest rates remain unchanged. Spur Corporation’s revenue declines by 10.5%


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Economists analyse the SARB’s decision to keep repo rates unchanged and predict what might be around the corner for consumers as inflation heats up past the mid-level target range. Val Nichas, CEO of Spur Corporation discusses the company’s financial results where profit before income tax increased by 16.0%. Personal finance expert, Warren Ingram share advise on “Spring clean” your finances at least once a year.

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1. SARB keeps interest rates remain unchanged. Guest: Isaah Mhlanga | Chief Economist at Alexander Forbes (00:00:00)

2. Spur Corporation results. Guest: Val Nichas | CEO at Spur Corporation (00:07:17)

3. Market Commentary. Guest: Graeme Korner /at Korner Perspective (00:14:54)

4. Gallo Music Investments’ 45% acquisition of Content Connect Africa. Guest: Antos Stella | CEO at Content Connect Africa (00:22:10)

5. Side Hustle with Nic Haralambous. Guest: Nic Haralambous | entrepreneur and author of How to Star a Side Hustle (00:31:10)

6. Pertunia Sibanyoni, CEO of InspectaCar. Guest: Pertunia Sibanyoni | CEO at InspectaCar (00:37:40)

7. Small Business Focus - Stop thinking locally. Guest: Rich Mulholland | Entrepeneur & Blogger Extraord at Missing Link (00:49:25)

8. Personal Finance : “Spring clean” your finances at least once a year. Guest: Warren Ingram | Personal Financial Advisor and Executive Director at Galileo Capital| (00:59:35)

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