How to challenge your imposter voice with Dr. Jessamy Hibberd


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I have a beautiful conversation for you today with Dr. Jessamy Hibberd. She is a clinical psychologist, a speaker, and best selling author.

We chat about her approach to happiness and managing the mind, and we take a deep dive into her new book The Imposter Cure and how to challenge our imposter voice.

I wonder if you experienced imposter syndrome? I know I have. I actually think many of us experience it whether at work or home or both.

The ideas we discuss feel transformational, moving us past this idea that we are a fraud and into this idea that we are just a human doing your best with good days and bad days as everyone else.

If you are listening and thinking about a friend who is perhaps experiencing imposter syndrome and you wish they could see how untrue that is, please do share this episode. I really hope you enjoy it.

We chat about:

  • Her approach to happiness
  • Managing the mind
  • How to challenge your imposter voice
  • The fundamental idea: You are not your thoughts
  • Her new book The imposter Cure

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