Well-being tools for when you have no time with Richie Norton


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This week’s guest says that we can start to feel better, more alive, and more vital in just one minute.

Richie Norton is an ex-professional rugby player turned yoga and breathwork practitioner. An injury sadly ended his sports career, but then he discovered the transformative power of yoga and breathwork and has spent the past 10 years working alongside sports teams, entrepreneurs and celebrities to help them maximise every aspect of their physical and mental health.

You might be thinking his current life set-up feels very far from ours, he is not a parent and his time is still somewhat his own, but the reason I was so keen to speak with Richie is his incredible way of making powerful well-being intentions really accessible.

I think that Richie really gets what it is like to be time-poor yet wanting to feel different and better. I love his energy and I hope you do too. Speaking with him really connected me to this incredible power that we all have to feel differently and do something no matter how short on time we are to help us feel better.

I hope after listening to this episode you feel inspired to take even just a minute to do something for yourself today.

We chat about:

  • What can you do if you just have one minute
  • 5-minute practices
  • What you can do with 10 minutes

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