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Welcome back to Moment. Moment is your place for calm and connection and maybe even a shift in perspective before the week ahead.

This week’s moment is with me. For the next couple of episodes, I will be talking about Christmas and hopefully giving you some ideas on how to make it easier for yourself this year.

In this very short episode, I talk about how to feel calm and less frantic, stressed and overwhelmed by the to-do list. I’m going to give you some ideas and tools to help you arrive at Christmas day not feeling totally stressed out from all the planning and all we have given in December. You too deserve feeling the joy, love and connection this Christmas.

In this Moment, I invite you to ask yourself these powerful questions: What is it that you actually want this Christmas, how do you want to feel and how do you want those around you to feel?

Next, What are the things on your to-do list that are causing you stress and overwhelm. Make a list.

And now, Look at the list, item by item, and challenge yourself on what you can do, ditch and delegate.

I hope you find this Moment really helpful. Let me know how you can get on.

You can watch the full Workshop 2 from the series - From frantic to calm - the secret to doing less this Christmas - here

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