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Grizzly Forge owner & founder, Lucas O’Hara, was born & raised in Georgia. As soon as he was old enough, he joined the Army. After 8 years of service, he decided that his journey would continue serving overseas through contracting. Once stateside, he was trying to find his own path in the civilian world. He tried a blacksmithing class at a local forge, Goat n Hammer, and by the end of the class he had fallen in love. For Luke, forging knives is more than just a job, it’s an outlet, and something he is more than passionate about. When forging a new bushcraft knife, he ensures the knife is beautiful, yet durable, tough, and could be utilized in the outdoors. He continues to challenge himself with unique knife designs and forging new pieces for his clientele. Bobby is joined by Lucas to discuss Blade Smiting, Metal Work, Outdoors, Camping, Overlanding, 4x4, CBD, Cannabis, Mountain Life, Blacksmithing, Outdoor Life, Covid-19 & much more. Please subscribe or like us on social media platforms for updates on shows, events, and episode drops.
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