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Ben Anderson is the Founder of Icelantic Skis. Icelantic started as an idea that Ben had in high school. After a short stint studying Industrial Design at Western Washington University, Ben moved back to his home town Evergreen, CO and started building skis in his parents garage in 2002. After a lot of trial and error and with the help of a few good friends this dream became a reality and Icelantic was born in 2006. Ben’s favorite part of his role is the creativity that comes with the job and being able to come up with ideas and bring them to life. In the offseason you will find Ben on the river fly fishing or at the ocean, sailing, surfing and swimming. Bobby is joined by Ben to discuss Icelantic Skis, Skiing, Desing, Art, Travis Parr Studios, Backcountry Skiing, World Travel, Surf, Fly Fishing, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Winter on the Rocks, Colorado, Outdoor Life & much more. Please subscribe or like us on our social media platforms for updates on shows, events, and episode drops.
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