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Shyanne Orvis - passionate angler, fly fishing public figure, guide & descending from the Orvis family, and when she discovered fly fishing the passion consumed her. Shyanne dove headfirst into the sport and it was her own version of fishing then what she had known as a child. The excitement and thrill of pursuing various species on fly was unmatched. In the midst of a challenging childhood, fishing is what kept her grounded. It was the calm to the chaos. Now it’s Shyanne’s personal mission to introduce this sport to her clients, friends, children, and women through guiding, her “Ladies On The Fly” clinics and being a mentor through a non-profit called Fish For Change. To inspire and empower more people to get out onto the water and experience why we all love fly fishing so much. Bobby is joined by Shyanne to discuss Fly Fishing, Conservation, Mentoring, Saltwater Fishing, Travel, Backcountry, Family, Colorado, Outdoor Life & much more. Please subscribe or like us on our social media platforms for updates on shows, events, and episode drops.
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