What IS Cranial Sacral Therapy?


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Special guest: Jessica Miller, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Osteopathy, Massage Therapist, baby led sleep coaching. She is located in British Columbia, Canada.

Jessica contact:

Email: jessica@theafterglowcentre.com

Instagram: @the.afterglow.centre

Facebook: The After Glow Centre

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Web: www.mouthmusclememory.com

Instagram: @mouthmusclememory

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web: www.orofacial-myology.com

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This episode Jessica shares with us how bodywork plays into oral dysfunction. Also she explains what bodywork is, specifically cranial sacral therapy vrs osteopathy. When there is tension, tortilcollis, flat head, sympathetic nervous tone, fussy babies we think: check them for ties. Then if tied, get them started on bodywork before and after a release. The same is ideal for any age. We want to body to be aligned, relaxed calm nervous system, free of fascial tensions, and in the parasympathetic mode "rest and digest". She explains it better than I can, so listen in.

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