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This is a sample of the Munk Members-Only Podcast. The program provides listeners with a focused, half-hour masterclass on the big issues, events and trends driving news and current events. The show features Janice Gross Stein, the founding director of the Munk School of Global Affairs and bestselling author, in conversation with Rudyard Griffiths, Chair and moderator of the Munk Debates.

This edition of the Munk Member’s Podcast explores three big stories in the news this week: China and the West’s fast deteriorating relationship – Why is this happening? What are the consequences? And is a Chinese attack on Taiwan the big risk to world peace in our time?; Vaccine nationalism rears its ugly head as EU and UK relations take a dive on accusations of vaccine hording and threats of export controls – Are these proof points that every country will soon need its own vaccine production capacity?; and the Canadian Supreme Court rules in favor of a carbon tax – how will this decision echo in other federations globally? Is a carbon tax the optimal policy response to the threat of climate change? We discuss it all.

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