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This is a sample of the Munk Members-Only Podcast. The program provides listeners with a focused, half-hour masterclass on the big issues, events and trends driving news and current events. The show features Janice Gross Stein, the founding director of the Munk School of Global Affairs and bestselling author, in conversation with Rudyard Griffiths, Chair and moderator of the Munk Debates.

This week’s Munk Members podcast features three topics in the news: India is in the midst of the worst COVID-19 outbreak of any country to date – What is driving the surge infections across the sub-continent? Are the new variants to blame or is the reopening of societies without high levels of vaccination a recipe for disaster full stop?; Canada has a new federal budget but concerns persist about what if anything it does to address the country’s sluggish growth – How is growth in economies stimulated by government policy? Is too much government intervention and spending in the economy part of the problem or the solution?; and the US and Iran continue high level nuclear talks in Vienna this week – Can the Biden administration but the Iran nuclear deal back together again? Or are the political risks in American and the demands of the Iranian government a threat to recreating Obama’s grand bargain with Tehran?

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