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Episode 66 Linda Surginer Preston
In October, 2012, Linda Surginer Preston, a 47 year-old mother & grandmother, was brutally murdered insider her Weatherford,TX home. She was stabbed repeatedly and her throat slashed. Her Daughter Kristi, who was ready to give birth to her son in the hospital desperately called Linda but got no reply and knew something was wrong. Linda's Husband discovered her body in their living room and called police. At around the same time, a man was confessing to the murder and was quickly arrested. It turned out he was the son of Linda's landlords, and he had a lengthy criminal record for burglary, home invasion, and assault. Despite the quick arrest, and subsequent life sentence he was given, that can't bring Linda back, and her family misses her every day. This episode is being released on the weekend of what would have been Linda's 55th birthday. Her Daughter Kristi discusses her mother's tragic death with us, and the aftermath.
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